Lovely Lava Lamps

Room 4 has explored the use of digital technology to help support us in making some incredible lava lamps.


The students firstly had to apply their technology skills that we have been learning  by retrieving a google slideshow Miss Nicholson had made. It was important that we made a copy of the slideshow and rename it with our individual names otherwise other people can override our hard work. By making a copy of the slideshow means that only that person can work on it with their work getting deleted. 


There was a video to watch that told us the steps and instructions we needed to follow to make a lava lamp. 

The next skill we learnt was how to screenshot on ipads and chrome books. The screenshots were of the important instructions we needed to follow. After the pictures were uploaded  onto our slideshows. The tricky part was adding a text box and either writing or using text to speech giving the instructions we needed to make it. 



Finally the slideshows were shared with Miss Nicholson who printed them off for us and this is what we used to follow to make our lava lamps. 

This is what Room 4 students discovered you needed to make a lava lamp: 

Oil, water, alka seltzer, food colouring, and glitter optional 



Firstly pour ¾ of oil into a clear bottle then fill the rest with water ¼ . Next add 10 drops of food colouring. Lastly add 1 alka seltzer tablet then watch it come to life! 


Some information some of the students discovered during our learning time: 

Emma - the bubbles float up not down

Hana - That water and oil don't mix

Lila H - When you add the alka seltzer it makes a reaction

Laila T -  I learnt that water is denser than oil. 

What make the lava lamp fizz:

The alka seltzer contains citric acid/ baking soda which makes a reaction and starts to fizz which makes bubbles that push the food colouring bubbles up to the top, once it is at the top it begins to fall back down again because the food colouring and water heavier than the oil. . 

How long does the reaction last : 

20 - 30 seconds it doesn’t take much for the alka seltzer tablet to dissolve, once the tablet has dissolved the lava lamp has come to an end. 

Watch the video to see how excited we were when the reaction started 

Watch our Lava lamps video here 

Curriculum Links

Digital technology, computational thinking & designing and developing digital outcomes  Science - Physical world & Material world, English, Technology - brief development, technological products 

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