Marble Run Challenge and Explanation Writing

Room 2 have been learning about how to explain something in writing.

We wrote about marble runs and what makes them go faster or slower by using different materials such as sandpaper to create friction to slow the marble down.  We also learnt about angles, that if you put the run on different angles you could slow the marble down.  We included funnels which made the marble spin around it slowing it down.

The class have designed marble runs and our challenge was to create a marble run that would take a marble 5 seconds to get to the bottom of the board. We enjoyed designing and redesigning our marble runs to get them to the right length of time.

We also learnt that changing the material that the marble ran over would change the speed of it.


Marble Run 7


Marble Run 6


Marble Run 5


Marble Run 4


Marble Run 3


Marble Run 2


Marble Run 8


Marble Run

Marble Run1