Matariki Integration

Things grow stronger when you integrate.

This is exactly what we did in Room 7 when we were learning about the many aspects of Matariki.  

During our reading programme ( english) everyone read stories about the 7 Kites of Matariki and then they had a go at making their own.  Everyone experimented with many different shapes of kites to see which one would fly the best (science/technology).



I made a flat one but it didn’t fly as good as my cylinder kite.  I think that’s because the air can go through the cylinder part and drag it up higher – Maz



As part of our reading must do’s, we watched videos that helped us to name the Matariki star clusters and understand the special jobs they do during the Maori New Year.  From this we were able to create some 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional stars of our own stars (mathematics visual and art).  We had to follow instructions (digital technology) in order to complete the task.




Mine is the biggest star in the class so it must be Matariki.  She is the star that looks after all the others – Keanu


To reinforce the students  learning and understanding  about the stars' role in the sky all students  completed a visual art task.  Within the circle they had to draw something that symbolised each of the stars' roles during Matariki.  Next they outlined their work, coloured it in, cut it out and glued it onto coloured paper.





My star represents Tupu-a-rangi which is songs and music – Ashtin


Finally we explored Matariki through our maths programme.  We listened to stories about Tamarereti’s journey across Lake Taupo and used our number skills to work out how many stars he threw out of his waka.  We had to use our number grouping skills and explain our strategies about how we kept track of how many stars he threw away. 



We gathered the stars into groups of 10 because that made it easier to count them along the way – Ahnika

The students  then drew the Matariki star clusters into their maths books and made them into polygons.  First they  talked about what a polygon was and it’s special features, before they could start drawing some of their own.


I made 2 polygon shapes out of my Matariki stars – Natalie

What fun we had integrating Matariki into lots of learning areas in Room 7.  


Keywords: Matariki, Integration, Mathematics, Science, Visual Art, English.

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