Micro-bits are go

Micro-bits, algorithms, codes, digital technologies – this is some of the language that is being used in Room 7.

Stephen Ross has been working across the school in the area of digital technology.  He first came into our room and talked about algorithms. No-one really knew what he was talking about, except maybe the fact it had something to do with maths. We then watched a video about the sequencing of a product from making to packaging. Mr Ross then had us sequence some pictures that linked to the video. It was interesting to see how different groups put their pictures in order.  It was also good hearing children justify why they made their algorithms that way.


On Mr Ross’s next visit we got introduced to a micro-bit and how to code it.  It was very cool. Even Mrs I could do it! Using the iPad, through the coding programme, Mr Ross showed us how to:

  • Make a flashing heart by using code.

  • Write a sentence that slid across the screen.

  • Add in an image.

  • Make images move across the screen.

  • Create sound to go with our flashing images.

Then we had to learn how to send our coded image from our iPad to the micro-bit –- this bit got a bit tricky but we did it.  Mrs Isaacson did require some assistance.







We had so much fun that when we got a little bit of free time we all wanted to practice our micro-bit coding skills.

It was pretty fun because I could code other games as well - Maddox

It was cool because I learnt new coding words and we got to learn some technology stuff - Daisy

It was different but I liked it because it was technology - Shaun

It was quite tricky at the start but then it was ok at the end - Natalie

It was interesting - Nathan

Thank you to Mr Ross and Mr Simm for their continual support.

Technology microbit room7 photo3