Mid-Year Reports - What do I do with the information?

When you receive your child’s mid-year report you may find yourself asking the question - What do I do with this information?

Here are five steps you can take once you receive your child’s report:

  • Sit down and read through the report with your child. 

Many students, especially students in the middle and upper primary years will be able to explain and elaborate on what the teacher has said. Ask them to tell you about their learning in class - what they find easy and what they find difficult. 

  • Make achievable goals that you can work on together.

Choose an area of the curriculum and set goals with your child. These need to be small and achievable. 

  • Make a plan to work on any next steps and goals identified.

If they need to practise their times tables plan to play card games, if they need to practise spelling words set aside time each night to write them out. If they need help with reading, take turns reading high interest books to them. Making a plan and setting aside dedicated time will help your child to achieve these next steps quicker. You can find other ideas here

  • Contact the teacher and arrange to meet with them to discuss the report.

If you have questions, or would like more information, make a time to discuss this with the classroom teacher. Parent Teacher Discussions are a good opportunity to do this. Developing a positive home-school partnership is a vital component of student success. 

And possibly the most important step:

  • Celebrate their successes

Take time to celebrate their successes as a whanau. Discuss with them what they have done well. You may also choose to reward them for this success. This could involve a trip to the local playground, the student choosing their favourite dinner or even selecting a book to read together. Acknowledging their success plays an important part in their future achievement. 

Mid year reports provide a great opportunity to share your child’s learning journey so far this year. It is a good time to make goals with your children and work together to support their learning and achievement. 

Keywords:  Progress and Achievement , Home-school Partnership, Goal Setting