Music, Movement and Drama

This term Mrs Ross and an enthusiastic group of year 0 and 1 students embarked on an exploration of music, movement and drama for our passion project.



We had a blast experimenting with the percussion instruments and put together a small item in groups that we then shared with the rest of the passion group. We loved making a loud racket!


We learned to play “Twinkle, Twinkle little star” on the xylaphones and practiced each week for 4 weeks. Some of us got very good at it and could remember it off by heart.


We learned some Just Dance dances as well as some very cool Gonoodle dances. We also explored making our own moves and listening to the music to feel what we could make our body do. We did some drama and used our imagination to pretend to be different people or things. We loved playing make believe!

This has been a very fun term and we enjoyed ourselves very much.

Passion 1