Room 2 Getting on with Learning at Home

Taking on the online learning challenge has certainly been a learning curve for us all. It has been a huge step into the key competency of managing self for the children.

Trying to be motivated and resilient, especially with the challenges that arise from our technology issues, need for support and time needed to get tasks done, can be difficult at times. I am so proud of my students for giving our learning a really good go and pushing through the difficult times and finding and developing new skills.

With the use of our school website and our learning portals, the provision for learning linked to our individual classes has been possible. By adding links to learning videos and activities, students have had access to many learning opportunities at a range of levels. They have been provided with choice and the opportunity to work at their own pace and chose the task and the order in which they complete their learning.


Making use of Seesaw to collect and post our evidence of learning has helped me, as the teacher, stay in touch with the majority of my learners. I have thoroughly enjoyed seeing photos, videos and posts of the learning and experiences that are going on for my students in lockdown.

We have done everything from activities on kindness and respect to the core subjects of reading, writing and maths. These are some of our learning tasks.












Our learning included online activities to complete, as well as making posters, baking and interviewing or presenting using videos. It has been awesome to see the increase in confidence in the children’s presentation and speaking to the videos and microphone. Seeing great photos and videos of what everyone has been up to has been fantastic and a great way to keep up with everyone. 

Here are some examples of our learning from Lizzie, Sofie, Finlay and Zoe, and videos from Jacob, Te Omeka and Lilly. 




Jacob’s Obstacle Course video here

Te Omeka’s Fitness class video here

Lilly’s exercises video here

Keywords: Learning, online, Seesaw, Lockdown 2020

Curriculum links:

Literacy L2 - Speaking, Writing and Presenting - Select and use sources of information, processes, and strategies with some confidence to identify, form, and express ideas.

- shows some understanding of the connections between oral, written, and visual language when creating texts.

Visual Arts - Developing ideas  - Investigate visual ideas in response to a variety of motivations, observation, and imagination.

Digital Technology - making use of digital technologies for presentation and learning.

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