World first 3d cubed bubble produced in Room 9

Room 9 has been learning about the properties of 3D shapes.

During this journey we have had fun creating 3D shapes. After reading about the idea of being able to create bubbles that would also be able to be different shapes we set out discovering if it is possible. 

Katelyn: I am going to make a bubble that looks like a ball.

Levi: That is called a sphere.

Amelia: I want to make a cube bubble.

Amaya: First we will need to make a cube, we could use pipe cleaners.



Haylen: I don't think the pipe cleaners are strong enough. We have to use something to make it stronger.

Hunter: These straws are strong and can bend but connecting them together can be annoying,

Zahn: We could put the pipe cleaners and the straws together.




Now came the fun part making the bubbles, we found that we had to put the cube into the liquid and not let our fingers go through the mixture on the side


Once we mastered the art of holding it without popping the sides we created our first look at the possibility of a 3D bubble.


Lily: I watched a video and you have to blow a bubble into the center of the cube to make a real cude bubble.

Amelia: We can do that just have to make sure we don’t swallow any of the mixture we can blow it in with the straw.


Room 9 very proudly was able to create a 3D cube bubble and we were very excited to try other shapes.

Keywords:  Geometry, Maths, Science, Problem solving 

World first 3D cubed bubble pipe cleaners2