New Building opening 2020

The second day of Term Four saw the formal opening of a new classroom block that completes several years of planning. The new block is designed as a flexible learning space that can be used for more traditional style classroom teaching and also opened up for open learning experiences. 

“The opening of these classrooms is not just great news for the staff and students here at Wairakei Primary School, it is great news for Wairakei and our contributing Taupo community, as the students who work and learn here will grow a sense of pride and responsibility they take in their new-look classroom which will be the building blocks for their future.” Paula Farquhar, Principal


The block will be named Rooms 17 and 18. The investment of the new classrooms represents several years of planning and is our first new permanent classroom to be built in 11 years. Invited guests, students, and staff gathered in the forecourt area for a blessing in the pouring rain to formally open the new learning space. Matua Hoani gave a blessing over the new building. A brief acknowledgment was given to all the members of the Board of Trustees who were involved in the planning and acknowledge the work in seeing the project through from start to finish. 


The new classrooms will be for Years 0-1 in the remaining part of 2020.

“It’s a wonderful learning space for our new students,” commented Poihipi Team Leader Fiona Griffin. “I love the flexible environment that allows a collaborative approach for teachers.” 

Te Rakai said "It's so big

Wyatt said, It smells so nice.

William said I like the green squares on the carpet. It's like green grass with lava all around it. I can jump out of the lava onto the grass.

Anna said, It was a bit strange to move. But now I like it. 

Emma said, We have our own deck to play and eat on.

Rosalie said, I like our new learning space. When we are with Ms. Green we are still in the same room as Mrs Griffin and Mrs Ewen.

View the photographs of the opening here


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