New Zealand Sign Language Week

As part of New Zealand sign language week Room 4 thought it would be a great opportunity to learn more about one of the official languages of New Zealand. 

This is what we think sign language is used for:

Stanley said: it’s where you make signs out of your hands for people who cannot hear properly. 

Josef said: it’s where you use your hands to tell people stuff

We were extremely lucky to have a couple special visitors, Lexi and Cindy, come and share their knowledge with us about sign language.  

They taught us a few sign language cues to use. 

Here is them modelling good morning:


We also learnt signs such as: lunch, please, thank you and practice, practice, practice.


It has been lovely to be greeted each morning by children who have taken this opportunity to learn more sign language in their own time. 

Lexi has set Room 4 a challenge for us all to learn how to sign our names.

Take a look at some of the children signing their names. 

Nz sign language video here

Thank you to Whaea Margo who allowed us to video her as she showed us how to correctly sign the alphabet so we could learn our names. 

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