One Word Goal Setting

Goal setting is an important focus for us this term as we begin to examine our learning progressions and share goals with parents.

As well as learning goals, it is important to set goals around our attitudes to learning and what is important to us personally. The start of the year is a time of change and getting used to a new ‘normal’. So we devised a ‘one-word’ goal for the year.

Wairakei  Primary School staff members have also been setting a ‘one-word’ goal, a bit like a resolution, and sharing these on Twitter. (You can read some of our ideas about teaching and learning at #wpstaupo). It is a simple way of goal setting and keeping a clear focus on a target, much like we are asking our learners to do. This links to the social science curriculum - understanding how people make choices to meet their needs and wants.

Following is what some of the students came up with:











Words like ‘new’, ‘try’ and ‘trying’ are all inspired by our POWER virtue of Opportunity. ‘Kind’, ‘kindness’, ‘caring’, 'patient' and ‘helping’ stem from Respect and Whanau. ‘Proud’ and ‘excellence’ speak for themselves. It is interesting to see the ideas that form and what is important to children.

I want to keep our classroom clean and my bedroom. - Chelsea

My one word is ‘try’. I will give it a try. - Asti

My word is ‘goals’ because we are learning about making goals and achieving goals. - Harry

I chose ‘excellence’ because this is a part of POWER and I want to show excellence in my work and my writing. - Zaara

We used these words to brainstorm about POWER and already we knew many. You can see our ideas displayed on our large POWER letters in the windows near Room 1’s back door.

Our discussions also formed the foundations of our class treaty. Students have high expectations of themselves and their peers and these are reflected in our ‘tree-ty’, based around the story 'Treehut Treaty' by Wiremu Grace.



Goal setting also supports our whole-school key competency goal - Managing Self. It is about students actively thinking, being more involved in their learning and making choices that have a positive impact.

View our One Word video here.


Keywords: Minute to Win It, Goal Setting, Class Treaty, POWERCurriculum links: Social Science - understand how people make choices to meet their needs and wants

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