Our Biodegradable Experiment

Following our inquiry into plastics and waste, we dug up a part of the garden and did an experiement. 

We all collected items to bury to find out if they would biodegrade.  We buried a sock, banana skin, tea bag, orange skin, cardboard, card off a tooth bush packet, a grape with an apple seed in it, plastic wrappers, plastic containers with lids, a corn starch toothbrush with a packet, and a subway wrapper.  We didn’t get around to digging it up until the end of October which gave everything a little bit longer to break down. With lot’s of rain and sun in the last few months, everything had a bit more chance to have a change.

Our initial items. 





We all headed out to dig up the garden. On went the gloves and out came the tools.





What biodegraded? The banana skin, tea bag, orange skin, cardboard, grape with an apple seed in it, the apple core, card off the toothbrush packet all broke down and we couldn’t find any trace of them in the garden. The subway wrapper partially biodegraded. 

What didn’t biodegrade? All the plastic wrappers, the sock, plastic containers & lids, the corn starch toothbrush and packet all looked much the same as when we buried them.



This was very interesting and made us all think carefully about our use of plastics again. It was a great reminder of just how long lasting plastic is.

Keywords: Environmentally friendly, Sustainability, Health, Technology, Reuseable, Greenwaste biodegradeable, deteriorate.