Our Library Learning Journey



Room 6 loves any opportunity to spend time in our school library. The enjoyment of independently choosing a fiction book of their choice to read for pleasure or looking for non-fiction books to find information for curious minds or support their school work. Libraries provide another learning space for children, offering a quiet area for students to study and encourage students to read.


Encouraging curious and innovative minds our school library is a central point for all kinds of reading, cultural activities, access to information, knowledge building, deep thinking, lively discussion and problem-solving.  Our library is a safe and secure place where all children have access to resources and guidance, catering for a wide range of interests and opportunities for students who may only have access to the stories, information and technology needed, through their school.



Room 6 learning journey is to become confident, independent and skilled learners using our library resources appropriately and effectively. Through our class discussion in Term One about what we need to learn and understand, is what the Dewey decimal system is, why it is important and how do we use it to help our learning? Our second goal to learn and understand is what the difference is between fiction and non-fiction books?  


Throughout this year, our new knowledge will be  accumulated and then activated through questioning, linking ideas with their peers, explaining and evaluating what they are learning to help make meaning.  Near the end of our learning journey the students will be able to apply their knowledge and understanding to teach others, make connections and solve problems.



Keywords: Learning Journey, Dewey decimal system, fiction, non-fiction, accumulate, activate, apply.

Curriculum links: English: Reading -

  • selects and reads texts for enjoyment and personal fulfilment

  • integrates sources of information and prior knowledge with developing confidence to make sense of increasingly varied and complex texts

  • thinks critically about texts with developing confidence

  • monitors, self-evaluates and describes progress with growing confidence

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