Our Purpose - Dare to Care

Room 7 has been working on their Inquiry - Our Purpose - identifying ways to support a local charity in our community. 

Mac, Poppy and myself (Kora) were in a group together and the charity we decided to help was the Turangi Animal Care Centre.  

Firstly, we brainstormed lots of ways that we could help the centre. Then we rang the centre and told them about our ideas and asked if there were any other ways we could help.  Stacey at Turangi Animal Care asked us to come out to the centre and help with the animals.  We booked the date for Friday 29th November at 10am. Cassidy (our student teacher) offered to drive us out there.  


Before we go to Turangi, we visited all the classes and asked them to donate food, old towels, bedding or anything else that would help the animals.  We were really impressed with all the things that the kids from Wairakei Primary School bought the next day for us to take.  There was so much food we had to use Mrs Isaacson’s large container to put it in. We really appreciated everything that was donated.



On the morning of October 29,  myself (Kora), Mac and Poppy drove to the Turangi Animal Care Centre with Cassidy.  


Stacey was waiting for us at the office.  She introduced herself and then we talked about ourselves.  As we walked into the centre, our eyes landed straight on a cute cat called Sonic.  He was so cuddly and we were all obsessed.  We were all surprised he didn't have a home yet.  Stacey took us on a tour of the centre and she explained what happened as she took us through each area.  



There were 6 puppies, 3 cats and 4 big dogs.  It was exciting when Stacey said we could play with the puppies.




I was very happy that we got to have an awesome experience like that. We all had so much fun.  Stacey was really impressed with all the stuff we bought for the animals.  She thanked us for coming and said she was honoured that we had chosen Turangi Animal Care Centre as our charity to support.

We wanted to take all of the pets home but sadly we couldn't.  We are so happy we could make a difference for this small but fantastic place. Another great thing about Turangi Animal Care is that they don't kill the animals, they wait for them to get adopted into a home.  I couldn't be more happier about the decision we made for our choice of charity. 

We had an awesome time.

I had lots of fun finding out cool things about the Turangi Animal Care and how they look after animals.  It was really good being able to do things at another place.  I also learnt that Turangi Animal Care is a no-kill facility.  We donated food and old towels and it was so nice to get all the donations from the other classrooms - Mac

It was a really cool experience - Poppy

Written by Kora - Room 7

Key words: Turangi Animal Care Centre, Inquiry, Dare to Care, Our Purpose.

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