Passion Projects

Room 12 students participated in Passion projects on a Thursday afternoon.

This was an opportunity for students to be in control of their own learning as they got to choose which passion they would participate in this term. All activities inspired an interest in learning and focused on strengthening problem-solving and self-management skills. This term the passions included PE, Technology, Steam, Master Chef, Sewing, Enviro and Bike Taupo.  

Bike Taupo - Cath came along to teach us all about bike safety, learning how to ride independently and improving as bike riders. Each week a different group of students would join her for a session.




Biking was so much fun. We learnt about how important it was to be safe on our bikes with Cath. Even Mrs O’Sullivan and Mrs Foley got to ride the bikes. (Lilly)

STEAM - our group identified a need in the community - a bike track. The students contributed to building the track at the Wairakei Village Park and made a model of what they would like to see in the future.  We hope to continue to support our local pump track as a school.





I dug up heaps of dirt and put it into tyres to make jumps. (Finlay)

Masterchef - during these classes the students learnt the basic skills of using measuring equipment, food hygiene and the skills of mixing, melting and chopping. They used these skills to make items of food for our community kindness day.




I learnt to make Rocky Road by melting chocolate and mixing in nuts and cherries. (Lilly)

Sewing - the students learnt how to cut shapes out of materials, thread a needle and stitch a straight line with control. Working together they created a mobile for our cleaning lady who has just had a baby. Then they used their skills to create mini pillows for our community caring day. 



I learnt how to properly sew a stitch to make a pillow to give away at our community caring day. (Scarlett)

I learnt to push a needle in and out of thick material. (Bianca)

We made different shapes to go on our mobile for our cleaning lady. (Paige)

Enviro - the students learnt one of the basic needs was warmth. As a group, they decided to create fire care bags made with pinecones and cabbage leaf firelighters. The children planted vegetable seeds and seedlings so people in our community could plant their spring gardens. They learnt how to plant seeds and also about what plants need to grow - water and sunlight. 




I liked collecting pine cones from Mrs O’Sullivan’s house. We saw Zac the big dog. (Danielle)

I liked looking at the different seeds and watching them grow. We had to water them and put them in the sun.  (Baylee)

PE - our Y6 mentors Jasmine, Roman and Nikau taught the students how to play a variety of games and sports including touch, soccer, basketball and Tball. They had to catch, throw, bounce and kick the ball. The children discovered they needed to cooperate and work as a team. They are  hoping to teach others to play these sports next term. 




We learnt how to play Ripper Rugby and we needed to work as a team. (Alex)

I played basketball and learnt to dribble the ball. (Eli)

IT/Technology - our Y6 experts Nick, Leroy, Izzy and Ollie taught the students to use some really cool technology including embots, speros, and busy bee bots.  Learning how to code and how to drive them is an important skill for future focus computing.  



I learnt how to control an embot and sphero by writing a code. It could move all around the room. (Richard and Zayn).

Keywords: ICT