Physics Fun

Physics teaches people to accept reality with awe and admiration, not to mention the amazement and joy that comes with it - Lise Meitner (Austrian-Swedish physicist).

Room 7 has been learning about the many aspects of physics. Learning about sound was the first part that our class tackled. It was amazing to learn about how sound travelled.

I didn’t know that sound travelled so fast, 343m per second is quick - Kevin

Sound travels in waves and it vibrates through objects - Wiremu

Sound travels better through a solid object, like water or string.  Room 7 did this experiment and I dropped objects into the water and the class saw the ripples. The heavier the object the more sound ripples it made - Daisy


Natalie and I were doing an experiment about hearing sound.  We blew the balloon up and I spoke into it and the vibrations went through the balloon and Natalie could hear what I was saying - Tara


Cole spoke into the tube, the sound bounced off the book, down my tube and into my ear.  It was cool that I heard it - Gracie


The next aspect Room 7 looked at was energy.  There are so many different types of energy. In the staff room there was a human generator and you had to turn the handle to make the light bulb go on. There were two different types of bulbs - a standard one and a LED one. It was easy to make the LED one light up but we needed to use more force to make the standard bulb go. As a class we decided that LED bulbs in our house would save us money in the future.  Sam kept the light going for 10 minutes. He must have strong arms.



The interesting thing about the topic of physics is that we are able to integrate it into all areas of Room 7’s classroom programme.  

Room 7 have conducted class experiments and small group experiments during our reading times.



If the string was loose then it was hard to hear the other person but if it was tight then it was really good to hear - Sam


Room 7 has learnt how to predict, observe and explain the experiment process through our writing.

In mathematics the Squares group looked at the momentum of objects, factors that might alter an object's momentum and how to graph different data.



The momentum of the swing would change if the swing was higher and the chains were longer.  Gravity pulls us back down again - Jovarn

This is just the start of the Physic journey in Room 7. There is a lot more learning to do and fun to be had. Room 7 is looking forward to investigating an aspect of physics that interests us and then sharing our learning with others - Learn it, Prove it.


Keywords: Physics (science), integration, maths, reading, experiments.

Curriculum links: Mathematics, Reading, Oral Language, Writing,  Science

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