Pink Day Anti Bullying

Room 7 invited Rooms 8 and 9 to come and look at a video on anti-bullying.

This video sent a strong message that it’s not okay to bully anyone.

From this video, we were set a learning task to create a poster about what we thought “anti-bullying” would be like.

We had certain criteria to follow to create our posters.

This included a message in the form of a caption and a drawing about our message.

Other posters are displayed in Room 7.


Visual Art our brief for creating a poster about anti bullying


showing our Excellence in our posters


more excellence in our posters


expanding our ideas for our anti-bullying messages


creating our posters to share our learning about anti-bullying


pink Ohaaki Team watching a video on anti-bullying

pink Ohaaki Team watching a video on anti bullying