PMP - Learning Through Movement

We like to move it, move it - We like to move it, move it - We like to - move it!

In Poihipi team we are using the Perceptual Motor Programme (PMP) to complement our English (Literacy) programme. PMP uses movement to give students experiences using specialised equipment such as cubes, beams, planks, scooter boards and even a dizzy giddy.




This helps to improve their awareness of the world around them and gives them greater control over their bodies. Activities include throwing, catching, jumping, crawling, jumping, rolling, spinning, skipping, hopping and many more.



pmp-06 video here


Positive learning outcomes of PMP include...

  • Perception of Self.  (Body Image and Laterality)Works to prevent classroom problems such as reversals, sidedness, etc

  • Perceptions of Space (Proprioception)Works to prevent problems with handwriting and helps children move efficiently in his/her world.

  • Perceptions of Time (Body Rhythm)Works to prevent problems with memory and helps children move efficiently in his/her world

  • Social Development Problems are solved, language skills developed, and complex,coordinated physical skills emerge, allowing children to take on more sophisticated forms of social interaction such as team sports and dance.

  • Self Esteem When children's brains and bodies are aligned, they become more self-assured individuals with the ability to adapt to changing situations, assess and manage risk, stay open to new ideas, feel secure in their place in the world and certain of their own abilities to make contributions to that world. 


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Perceptual Motor Programme website

In our Steaming into School Programme, the students are given a chance to experience the different equipment, developing an understanding of some key prepositional language such as ‘on and off’, ‘in and out’.



Where possible this is linked to familiar nursery rhymes using this same prepositional language - for example Humpty Dumpty.

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