Poihipi Masterclass – Our Term One Celebration of Learning

Throughout term one the students of Poihipi challenged themselves to learn something new in the areas of construction, arts and crafts, digital technology and physical education.

In masterclass I did coding. It was kind of hard. Reid

In masterclass I did construction.  Mason





They each chose a particular area to focus on and persevered to master a new skill.

At our Celebration of Learning this new learning was put to the test as they endeavoured to teach others the new skill they had mastered.

In masterclass I was coding. It was fun. Violet

In masterclass I was building a tower. Ihaka






In masterclass I made a pyramid. Baylee

In masterclass I weaved and used egg boxes. Alyssa

This is evidence of the Wairakei Primary School ‘Learn it, Prove it’ concept with our youngest learners. It also links heavily with Te Whariki - the ECE curriculum. In this document students are encouraged to learn with and alongside others - each child’s contribution is valued. Opportunities are also provided for students to “develop verbal communication skills…” and through exploration they “learn strategies for active exploration, thinking and reasoning and develop working theories for making sense of the natural, social, physical and material worlds” Masterclass allowed our Poihipi students to build on the skills developed from their ECE experiences in the Primary School setting.

Student led-teaching also relates to the concept of ako.

“ako means both to teach and to learn. It recognises the knowledge that both teachers and learners bring to learning interactions, and it acknowledges the way that new knowledge and understandings can grow out of shared learning experiences. This powerful concept has been supported by educational research showing that when teachers facilitate reciprocal teaching and learning roles in their classrooms, students’ achievement improves”  (Alton-Lee, 2003).



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