Positive Positional Language

Learning about positional language - under, in, on, in front of, between. To learn positional language effectively,  ‘hands on’ learning experiences are a must. Students can gain a better understanding of these mathematical concepts and have fun at the same time.

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Find a place that represents ‘in’ or ‘inside’

I know, we can climb in the tyre.

Find a place that represents ‘on’

On the blue bars.

Johnny, Levi, Reegan, Wyatt, and Zoey

Levi and Te Rakai quickly pointed to ‘between’ the two platforms on the senior playground

To reinforce the outside learning, students completed a classroom based activity where they had to put objects and animals onto a background scene showing different positions for grass, sky and trees.

Mason with his Inquiry Book
Mason with the completed task
Mason with his Inquiry Book
Mason with the completed task

The only term that caused  a problem was  ‘between’. To clarify this position, we went out to the school field again to show how the word ‘between’ can mean ‘in the middle'.

Three students stood in a line and asked, “which child is between?” By swapping their positions around to show between gave all students an opportunity to explain their learning to each other.

Using every day scenarios that students can relate to, helps students to grasp mathematical ideas and was fun to do.

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