Positivity goes a long way

Having a positive attitude goes a long way in Room 4. We have had to work together as a class to construct our class treaty. 

Room 4 thought about what we need to do to have a positive and happy environment for everyone to be able to not only learn but have fun while doing so. 

We looked at our school values of POWER and how we could include these into our treaty. 


We have thought about how we show ‘POWER to self’ and came up with “to try your best at everything you do”. Room 4 are about creating a positive and healthy Growth Mindset. We celebrate errors or mistakes and continue to grow and learn from them. 

We will show ‘POWER for others’ by using our manners, being respectful of other people's points of view or opinion, to mind our own business, to respect other members of the class, and having one person talking at a time. We have looked closely at what an active listener does. 


Scarlett said  they listen to other people when they are talking.

Dani said They listen very carefully, by looking at the person who is talking.

Harlem said  They be quiet, by showing respect to the person who is talking, by not talking to the person next to them.

Lastly, we looked at how we will show ‘POWER for our environment’. We will need to use walking feet inside as well as a quiet inside voice. This is to respect each other in our classroom. It is only fair that everyone gets the same learning opportunities. 

Isobel said we have to respect the tree and the rules. 

The main statement we thought was the most important was to be in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing. This summed it up well and easy for us to understand. We have to be in the right place to make the right choice to help us know what we need to do, to be a lifelong learner. 

Room 4  has created a tree collaboratively, from cutting wire to paper mache, painting and adding leaves. We are really proud of our tree and feel like we have a belonging in our class. We each had to create or own leaves to place on the tree. By doing this it means that we all agree to stick to the agreement and follow the co-constructed rules of Room 4. 



Chloe said the leaves represent all the Room 4 students.

Stan, Te Ramaroa and Josef  said The tree is handmade from love, blood, sweat and tears from the Room 4 children 2021.


Keywords: Class Treaty, Growth Mindset, POWER, School values, Respectful, Agreement

Curriculum links: Te Reo Maori, 

Positivity goes a long way 05