POWER People

POWER People

Written by Charlotte and Ciana from Room 7

“Litter free for you and me”.  This is a goal I (Charlotte) wanted to have for our school. We (Charlotte and Ciana) decided that we wanted to pick up rubbish everyday to keep our school looking beautiful.  As we are part of the enviro schools it is important to look after our environment. Nathan was on board with this and wanted to help too.

We started on day one by picking up a little bit of rubbish. On day two we found a little more in different spots and it was very surprising to see rubbish on the outside of the school gates.  We decided to collect it because it was disgusting. It was outside the school. We asked and were allowed to go and collect it. 



We then went around the classrooms and talked about how the children can help to keep our school looking cool and clean. We gave them suggestions like: Even if it’s not your rubbish you could still pick it up. Remember to take your own rubbish home and try having a ‘nude’ lunchbox. Here is a picture of us with Room 10, sharing our ideas with them.


I think that if our environment was clean then the plants would grow better - Natalie

We don’t want nature to die because then we will die - Sam

Dropping rubbish is bad for the animals and plants because it will kill them and we don’t want to live in a dump - Tara and Delta

We also hope to encourage other people to keep our environment healthy.

Environment rubbish room10 photo3