Pretty Patterns

Working Together to Make Pretty Patterns 




Room 4 students have been focusing on relating to others by interacting effectively with all peers within the class. The students have been learning to become active listeners and to engage in discussion and sensibly share one's point of view, especially  if their answer is different from their buddies. 


Room 4 has been investigating sequences and patterns with shapes and numbers and put these cooperative learning strategies to practise. Together in small groups, the students had to solve number pattern problems. They discovered the use of teamwork. This was useful when sharing ideas and coming to an agreement to solve a problem. As a group, they need to be able to show whanau towards each other. This means to include everyone in the group and respect their point of view.


Dani said, Most of us worked well together by taking turns and listening to each other. A few groups are still working on taking turns and sharing ideas, as they did not  work well together because one member of the group thought they were the boss of the whole group.

Zoe    Patterns are when you use shapes in a repeated order. A sequence is when you skip count using numbers and follow the selected increments needed to create the pattern.

Dali said, Our strategies were to skip count with missing numbers and shapes. We skipped counts in 2’s, 3’s, and 5’s. We used our fingers, so we could get to the number that is next in the sequence by following the pattern of counting in 2’s, 3’s or 5 to get to the next number. Some people just knew the answer and could work out the sequence without using their fingers.  

The next step in mathematics is for the students to create their own patterns for other groups to try and solve.  These patterns can be numbered patterns or spatial patterns. The aim for the group is to be able to explain more than one variable in a repeating pattern. This could be colour or shape.

In terms of cooperative learning, the next step is to continue to work with a variety of different students and to take on board their ideas and feedback in a range of different and challenging ways. 



Keywords:Patterns, Repeating patterns, Team work 

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