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Finding Our Passion

This is the question Room 15 students have been asked to think about when choosing a Passion Project. Read more about 'Finding Our Passion'...

Room 15 2020 Finding Our Passion 12

Room 15 2020 3,2,1 Blast Off

This is the question a group of five year olds in Room 15 has been investigating as part of their Fantastic Forces inquiry. Read more about 'Room 15 2020 3,2,1 Blast Off'...

Room 15 2020 321 Blast Off 10

From Left to Write

As this was the students’ first introduction to writing words and sentences (a daunting, yet, exciting challenge for a group of five year olds), there was a lot to learn... Read more about 'From Left to Write'...

Room 15 2020 Left to Write 11