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A Balanced Diet

A Balanced Diet - with this title you may expect this blog to be about healthy eating. It is, in fact, going to be about math.
3 min Read

Taonga Time

Our taonga (things we treasure or value) makes us who we are. Room 3 students have investigated their personal taonga and followed a writing structure…

A Little Inspiration

Developing a positive class culture is important for student learning and wellbeing. Room 3, has integrated developing our class culture into art and …

Do the Mahi. Get the Treats

There is nothing like chocolate to motivate some hard work thinking. Fair sharing a giant block of chocolate was a deliciously rich mathematical task …
2 min Read

The Best in the Multiverse

Exaggeration makes everything bigger, better, and a lot more exciting. Students have been learning to use hyperbole (exaggeration) in their writing, f…

Fantastic, Fast, and Fun Fitness

Term 3 and cross country running go together like fish 'n chips. Cross country training can inspire a love or hate response. While most students can i…
8 min Read

Art Critic

Pastels, water colour paints, sculpture, printmaking, and sketching - if it's part of the visual arts, it has been happening across the Ohaaki team.
9 min Read

Green Makes Me Go

We can experience colour. We can smell and touch colour. We can even feel colour. As part of our Move to Grow inquiry, Room 3 has been exploring colou…

Prove it

“Learn it , Prove it” is a Wairakei Primary School way of sharing ‘aha’ moments of student learning. When a student gains new understanding, sharing t…
4 min Read

Magic or Magnetism

Investigating the magic around the force of magnetism. Through experiments and investigations, students have found that magnetism is a force that attr…

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