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Design your moves

‘Design Your Moves’ was Te Huka Team's inquiry focus which involves two main curriculum areas - Dance and Technology. Both these curricular provided a…
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Go On Persuade Me

Part of a lawyer’s job is going to court to argue a client’s case. A judge or a jury decides if the client is right or wrong based on the arguments ma…

Facts and Stats

Wanted -  A Data Detective … Must be good at posing thought provoking questions, be able to gather data, and should have strong organisational and sor…
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A taste of art

A taste of art has been on the menu in the Te Huka team as students  had  opportunities to experience new forms of art inspired by the teachers in our…

Forces of Nature

Who knew nature was so deliberate and engineered?

Our driving question is "How many ways can you move an object (including your body)?"  Students are…
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Steaming Ahead

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Our precious pets

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