Pseudoscience is a scientific word that is something that is something that is said but not actually true.                                                                   

We have been learning about pseudoscience in reading. We have learned various things that we thought were real (they were using pseudoscience) such as carrots don’t actually help you see in the dark.

This is our pseudoscience project experiment. We were asked to find out whether or not low fat chips are actually low fat, or is this just pseudoscience. Our hypothesis was that low fat chips have less fat than normal chips.  

The first step of the experiment was to layout some normal chips and low fat chips on some graph paper


Non crushed chips

Next, we put a sheet of baking paper over the non crushed chips.


Baking + Graph paper and chips

At this stage it was really hard not to sneak some chips as it was nearly morning tea time and we were really hungry, but luckily we managed to hold on till morning tea (phew!). 

Next was to crush the chips using a rolling pin, but we didn’t have a rolling pin. So we improvised and used metal water bottles instead. We were really happy with this step because after this step we could eat the chips.


crushing rolling chips

We realised that there was one more step before we could eat them. We had to leave them sit for 30 seconds before they go into a container. After this, we had to scrape the chips away into the container carefully, so the paper wouldn’t break.


Normal chips crushed

The chips left a grease mark on the graph paper.


Normal fat chips grease mark

We used the window to trace the outside of the grease mark so it would be easier to compare the to grease marks.


grease mark outlined

In conclusion, the evidence we have found says that Bluebird chips are in fact not using pseudoscience and this means they are not lying. So the hypothesis was true. Low fat chips have less fat than normal chips.

Keyword - Pseudoscience, chips, food, experiment, questioning, predictions, science

Learning: Reading, follow instructions, recording data, writing a summary

Blog written by Leroy and Emma Room 5-6

Low fat chips crushed 01