Students look expectantly at Penny Fischbach as the Quick 60 lesson is about to begin. Her enthusiasm and the students' readiness to start their daily lesson, tell me that Quick 60 is something they enjoy coming to. So what is it and why did Wairakei Primary decide to implement this programme?

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As with any programme, we look at the data and identify students who may benefit from some additional support. In this case,  in reading and writing. Then the Senior Leadership Team discuss who could support us in meeting the needs of a certain group of students. In this case, the school’s RTLB Liaison Michele Terrell-Boeyen came on board to support the school in getting this programme up and running.

Her support includes training for the facilitator, helping with assessments, and being available to observe and answer any questions or model the programme as new students come on board.

So why Quick 60?

It is a comprehensive scientifically proven programme that provides explicit lessons that follow a logical sequence. It is really a programme that supports students learning the strategies they need to further develop their reading and writing skills.

Each lesson builds fluency in reading and spelling and introduces high frequency words into the reading and writing vocabulary.The programme monitors oral reading and supports students' growing confidence in using comprehension strategies.

As facilitator, Penny supports the students during the session, encouraging them as the lesson progresses.

The students have really grown in confidence in their own abilities. They enjoy the texts we read and learning new words every day.

I like writing and reading the books. I like getting stickers on the sticker chart.

Quick 60 helps you learn reading and how to spell.

I like the reading and writing.

We get to learn. I can get better at reading and writing.

You get more stuff in your brain.

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Education has no beginning and no end. It ebbs and flows and is ever-changing. As an educator, it is my responsibility to instill a love of learning and an ability to adapt to an ever-changing world.

My teaching journey started at 40 when I retrained as a teacher after a career in journalism and many years as a stay-at-home mother. When we guide our students to be lifelong learners, we send them towards their next journey well-prepared for whatever life brings.

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