Reading is fun

Room 9 students are learning how to display their learning in an informative and interesting way.

We have been busy sharing and showing others the facts we have discovered in our reading stories. We have been discovering the importance of remembering to give enough information to our reading. When new concepts have been introduced that are quite similar to one another, it is beneficial for our own understanding allowing chances to teach others cementing our own learning in a positive way.

Eric, Kayde, Amelia, Haylen and Tessa’s group making book creators stories sharing the main points from their reading book into a more accessible resource no matter your reading ability. Designing their books to provide facts about polar bears from their reading book that will engage their readers.  Take a look at the group's books.

View Book Creator stories here and here

Eric- Polar bears are interesting there are so much i didn’t know

Amelia - We decided we had to make our book pretty by using lots of pictures.

When they shared their books with the class they were able to answer the children’s questions which turned into an engaging discussion for the whole class. Who now want a pet polar bear. But don’t worry the group are agreed it’s to warm in Taupo for a polar bear.

Micah, Te Ahurei, Zoe, Grayson and Hunters reading group took on a more practical approach when reading a non-fiction story about Ants. This busy little group set to work making a 3d model of an ant and then provided a verbal presentation to the class where they shared their combined knowledge to the class. The group worked together helping each other and planned a really engaging talk about what ants can do. The class asked alot of questions which helped to extend the groups learning to provide more detail in order to answer their questions

Levi- How do you know who a queen ant is?

Te Ahurei- The Queen Ant is the biggest and Laziest Ant I’ll show you.

Anna- What do the ants do all day?

Zoe- Ants all have different jobs they some are worker ants, some are flying ants, some watch the babies and the Queen Ant makes the baby ants.


Step one colour the ants in red and black Grayson In the Ant reading book


Step three attaching legs Te Ahurei in the Ant book


Step three attaching legs Te Ahurei in the Ant book


Step two cutting it out Grayson in the Ant book


The finished Ant Grayson in Ant Reading Story


The finished Ant Te Ahurei in Ant Reading Story


The finished Ant Zoe in Ant Reading Story

Step one colour the ants in red and black Grayson In the Ant reading book2