Ready, Steady, Go Room 7

We have been looking at setting ourselves goals that we can reach in a minute, a day, a week and a term. To warm up to the idea we participated in a series of ‘Minute to win it” challenges. This helped us to focus on some of the skills we need in order to complete our goals; perseverance, determination and focus.

We started off with some minute challenges.  

Challenge number 1: With one hand behind your back, how many connect 4 counters can you get into the connect 4 game board. Shaun and Rikki were the fastest to complete this task in less than a minute.

Delta said, I felt pressured doing this because I knew there was only a minute to do it.





Challenge number 2: How many blocks can you join together to make the highest stack in 1 minute?

Iree and Capri were the fastest to do this. They both built a tower 27 blocks high.

Iree said, It was hard to join some of the block because they didn’t stick.


Tara and Daisy



Challenge number 3: The children then decided to design their own challenges for their classmates. Capri and Frankie put us all in 2 teams and each team had to complete a series of challenges in the fastest time possible. We had to hula hoop, bounce a ball, hit a shuttle, bounce on a moon hopper, stack some discs and throw a hoop onto a cone. It was lots of fun and everyone gave it a go.  


Ciana and Ahnika


Joe and Jacob


Capri and Frankie

Finally, we had a series of obstacle challenges on the senior adventure playground. Rikki and Roman shared their challenge first, then Sam and Shaun, Charlotte and lastly Jacob.




Shaun Tara and Nathan



Jacob’s challenge was a bit different from the others as he used the area around the senior playground as well and there was lots of swinging and jumping off things. Iree and Jacob had a ‘challenge off’ to see who could complete Jacob’s course the fastest.

It was great to see all the children in Room 7 getting involved and having a go – pushing themselves to try things that were out of their comfort zones and not giving up if it was too hard. I loved the way the children were inspired to create their own challenges – they set themselves a goal, shared it with their classmates and became challenge teachers.

Shaun Tara and Nathan2