Recycling centre trip

We had a trip to the landfill. It was freezing cold! 


We had a fantastic group of parents there to help take us and look after us while we were there. Shannon was our guide and she gave us lots of information about recycling and the landfill. We found out all about the compost and how the greenwaste that is dropped off is turned into this and then resold. How oil can be cleaned and reused. We learned that cardboard has to be flattened before being recycled. Even pizza boxes can be recycled. Many of us found this interesting as we had wondered about the food mess that would be on the pizza boxes. Apparently now we can because the cardboard is cleaned before being reused.



Plastic products that can be recycled are numbers 1 and 2. We discovered that there is a bin for all plastic lids! Schools and playcentres can go and get lids from here for art activities and learning. Plastic numbers 3 - 7 can go in a different bin but can not be recycled. We had found out about numbers 3-7 not being recycled since January. Now it is getting stockpiled in Huntly -- so sad!



Next, we went and looked at where the glass bottles can be recycled. They are sorted by colour. There are green, brown and clear bottles. It is important to put them in the right shoot so that the colours don’t get mixed up. If the colours are in the right places it is easier to recycle them. We found out that glass can be recycled over and over again.



We moved over to where the tins can be recycled. There were two bins for these. One for food tins and one for aluminium cans. Both of these can be recycled over and over.  We did discover that aerosol cans like fly spray and hairspray cannot be recycled and have to go to landfill. We saw piles of gas bottles from bbq’s and stoves all recycled in one area and fire extinguishers alongside them. Whiteware like fridges and freezers and dryers can be recycled too, we saw piles of these! Fire extinguishers, batteries for cars and small batteries can all be recycled and have special places for being recycled.


Green waste like leaves, small branches, plants, weeds etc can be dumped cheaper than general rubbish. The green waste is made into compost then resold for gardens. Flax, bamboo and cabbage tree leaves cannot be put in the greenwaste because the machines can’t process them. We found it really sad to see greenwaste being dumped into the landfill pit.



We found this trip to be full of interesting information, amazing sights, some a bit shocking and a pretty bad smell. It certainly gave us a lot to talk and think about.

Thank you to the amazing parent helpers - Annabel, Jenny, Natalie, Jane, Jeannie, Beth, Christine, Georgie and Rachel - and our awesome guide Shannon and the Taupo District Council for allowing us to do this trip.


Thank you to the students in Room 2 and parents and Shannon, Taupo District Council

Keywords: Environmentally friendly, Sustainability, Health, Technology, Recycling Centre, Reuseable, Greenwaste, Landfill

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