Reflecting on Swimming Skills


The best thing is that swimming is fun

Reflection is an important part of the teaching and learning process. Reflection helps us celebrate successes and learn from challenges.  


This pool is a great place to learn to swim


There are lots of great resources at the pools that help us swim

The Ohaaki team have been having daily swimming lessons at the AC Baths. Our classes and teachers undertook a PMI - positive, minus and interesting (graphic organiser), reflection tool to think about how swimming lessons are working at our school. 


These boys are becoming confident swimmers


Goggles are always available at the learn to swim pool

Here are our reflections:

Ohaaki Teachers PMI Reflection




Student engagement is amazing.  Students  enjoy swimming lessons with their classmates.

Lost property and unnamed school uniform tops can be a problem.

Teachers get to have interesting conversations with students. 

Enjoyable physical exercise every day for students

Pool meltdowns - swimming is hard work.

Teacher getting in the pool ? Really!

We have experts teaching swimming.

Sometimes our students can be disrespectful to swim teachers.

Parents get to come and watch their child learning with their class.

Swimming lessons off site is like a school trip every day for two weeks.

Teachers have less time to teach core subjects.


Students learn self-management skills as they get themselves ready each day for swimming. They learn time management and organisational skills.

Students and teachers miss break times - it is rush, rush, rush all day.


Students can use swimming terminology to talk about their learning.


The warm pool makes swimming enjoyable. 


Students enjoy the social aspect of the bus ride to the pools - especially for those students who don’t normally travel on a bus.


We get to mix and mingle with our students without the responsibility of teaching. This is great for building relationships.


Almost like respite.  One day I got a coffee


It’s nice we can chat to parents on the side of pool 


Students make excellent progress because the lessons are daily and they are practising and building on their skills.


Practicing skills to master breathing while doing freestyle


Keep those legs kicking Katie


Rocket arms and looking down great listening

Room 3 and Room 2 Students PMI Reflection




The water is nice and warm. Reid

I don’t like the wet seats on the bus. Indigo

That I get better every time I swim. Henry

My teacher is nice. Mila

It’s cold when we get out of the pool. Serephina

Swimming lessons teach us how to float and stay safe in the water. Avery

I like learning to do freestyle and backstroke. Avery

Sometimes I hit my head on the wall when I do a backstroke. Reid

I find it interesting if you don’t kick you sink. Reid

I enjoy learning new things. India

I hate it when the water goes up my nose. Henry

The teacher told us if you put your arms up you sink. Jake

I like going on the bus and getting to sit at the back of the bus. Henry

I don’t like the teacher helping me. I like to be independent. Robert

I wonder how they make the pool so warm. Mason

I like making towel caves on the bus. Katie

It’s a pain when people splash you. Mila

It is interesting how we can roll from our back to our tummy in the water. Indigo

I like pretending we are driving on the bus. Donte

I find it hard to have hands like a rocket when I do backstroke. Vaanya

I can see a beam of white light when I look under the water in my goggles. Dorian

I enjoy learning new things like sculling in the water. Dorian

Sometimes the bus is too loud. Willow

It is interesting when we get to go in the outside pool. Jake and Aiden

I like getting to do dog paddle. Jaxon

I don’t like goggles, they hurt my eyes. Jake


My favourite part is diving under the water for rings. Mason


I just really like swimming. Ryker


I enjoy everything about swimming, it's just great. Rikihana


I always enjoy the lesson. Jake


Rikihana has been working on his freestyle breathing


Students must be relaxed to be able to float well on their backs


Swimming buddies


Look at those rocket arms

I find doing freestyle hard because it's tricky keeping my legs in position but I’m good with my arms. Juno Room 1

I love getting freetime at the end of the lesson when we are good swimmers Ryleigh Room 4 

The bus ride to swimming is fun because we are with our mates. Sam Room 4 

Swimming is entertaining, sometimes when the teachers are really kind they throw rings and we can dive for them.  And we get high-fives at the very end.  Danika Room 1


As you can see from our reflections, swimming lessons at the AC Baths Swim School is an overwhelmingly positive experience for all involved. The Ohaaki Team would like to say a big thank you to  all involved in helping our students at the AC Baths, in particular the wonderful swim school teachers.  We would also like to thank our cheerful bus drivers that cope with the excited and somewhat noisy students. And finally Contact Energy, our main sponsor, who provide the funds to enable our swimming lessons. 

Curriculum Links

Heath and Physical Education: Movement concepts and motor skills: movement skills and positive attitudes

Safety management: Identify risk and use safe practises in a range of contexts 

Key Words: Swimming, reflection 




06 Practicing skills to master breathing while doing freestyle