Reflection and Symmetry Name Critters

Mixing math with art, these name critters are a hit with the students.

The creativity behind turning names into bugs and aliens is always a laugh and gets the students thinking about the shapes that they can use. It's also a fun way to learn about symmetry and reflection. 

First, we folded a piece of paper lengthwise.



Next, we write our name with pencil so that the bottom of our letters are on the folded part of the paper and the top of our name is where the paper opens up.


Then, we sharpie our name so it is nice and dark.


Next, we put our paper against the window, so that we can see the sharpie through to the blank side, and copy our name backwards to create the reflection.


Sharpie the you name where it is written backwards.


Now we can open up our paper and see where we might be able to put eyes and patterns to create our name critters. When we draw on one half of the bug then fold it and copy it through the paper then both sides are reflections of each other and show symmetry.


Once we have our critters drawn we colour in with water colour pencils, practising blending colours that mix well together.

Once we have coloured in our critters we painted over the pencil with water. We have to make sure we are careful to clean our brushes between colours because they can become messy and muddy looking.

We leave our bugs to dry. 

The next step is to fold our paper in half again and carefully cut around the edges of the name. By doing it, both sides of our critters will  be the same.


Lastly we chose a coloured piece of card to glue our critters on, so they stood out when we hung them on the wall.




We love our final designs and think that they show our individuality and creativity. 

Zayn - I learned that you can make your name into a bug and both sides are the same. I liked colouring it and making it cool.

Richie - I like how it forms a bug when you put your name on both sides. It reflects so that your name matches up.

Lily - I like getting to watercolour the bugs because it looks like a painting. I like being able to choose colours. All the names are different and look cool. I really like drawing the details and blending the colours. You can do designs and pick where the eyes go.

Lucy - I liked trying to do a design like Mrs Ross’ one.

Violet - I liked detailing and turning my name into a critter. I liked that we could do what we liked with colours and patterns.


Curriculum Links

Mathematics - Geometry and Visual Art - creating visual art - showing reflection and symmetry.

Keywords: Reflection, symmetry, design, water colour, painting, process, fun, individuality, creativity.

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