Ridiculous Rhyme Show

The integrated curriculum links that are represented in this show are the Arts and Literacy. In the Arts, they are understanding drama in context when the drama relates to their lives and in their communities. It develops practical knowledge by exploring the elements of role, focus, action, tension, time, and space through dramatic play.

Room 10 experienced and enjoyed an amazing performance about rhyming. The British performer's Andy and Joe got the whole school engaged in a fully interactive performance. The performers very cleverly wove their performance around baking and integrated rhyme, poetry, song with the aim of promoting rhyme awareness in literacy.




After the show one of the performers came to room 10 and he had his photo taken with the students.  



As a class, we had discussed rhymes in stories that were read during shared reading time. The children have learnt to identify the words that rhyme in a story, by the way, the words sound and if they have the same group of letters.  Room 10 made their own rhymes and talked about the part of the word that rhymed.

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Keywords: The Arts - Drama, Literacy, integration

Rhyming show 6