Rockets through science-Room 2

As part of our Te Mihi inquiry we're investigating science and how we can use it to deliver our inquiry.

Using rockets as a vehicle to learn is quite engaging as you can imagine, however, it is more than just blowing stuff up. We are teaching kids some basic scientific capabilities, such as:

  • Gather and interpret data.

  • Use evidence.

  • Critique evidence.

  • Interpret representations.

  • Engage with science.

Thanks to the House of Science we have been able to get our hands on this amazing resource, there are three main ideas that we are exploring and their learning outcomes.

  • Seek and describe simple patterns in physical phenomena. Students discuss what causes things to fly/move and discuss some simple forces involved.

  • Physical inquiry and physics concepts: Students will explore, describe and represent patterns and trends for everyday examples of physical phenomena, such as movement and forces.

We started by investigating the two most common forces we encounter every day, push and pull. We then looked at what acts upon an object to create these forces and what Sir Isaac Newton discovered when an apple fell on his head and what the laws of motion have to do with launching a rocket.

Watch our Rocket video here

I thought is was fun watching the rockets explode. I learnt that push and pull are forces and that Isaac Newton has three laws. Emma






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