Rolling into Technology

Room 9 have been learning how to breakdown the costs involved in normal everyday activities.

For our 'Mall in the Hall', a few businesses have decided to make food products. So room 9 looked for a simple recipe and looked at what it would cost to make it. We considered the time it takes us to make it, the total time we need to use the mixer for, the cost of the ingredients and what we would be prepared to buy it for.

We chose to make milo balls we only need milo, biscuits, condensed milk, and coconut. We worked out the total cost for one mixture and worked out we could make enough for 6 children per recipe. We know it cost us $7.80 per mixture if we split this 6 times it is only…

Ella: Well if it was $6 dollars it would be a dollar each so I know its more than a $1.00

Anna: $1.50 is more than a $1.00 so I think its that much.

Eric: 6 lots of $1 would leave $1.80 if we share that we would have 30cents each so it costs $1.30 per person.

We recorded how long we needed to use the blender for between 45 seconds and a minute. We know that minimum wage is 17.70 an hour, we knew that an hour has 60 minutes. So we worked out it is 30 cents an hour so if we include that into our cost it took us about 20 mins so in time we spent about $6.00.

Amaya: So it costs us about $7.30 to make our milo balls.

Patrick: I was able to make 10 balls so mine cost 73 cents so if i sold them for a dollar i would make a profit.

Just like in science experiments, food technology has steps that we need to follow to make them work. To make milo balls, 

We have to first count out the biscuits and share them out,


Rolling into Technology Nathan counting out cookies

Nathan: There are 30 biscuits in one pack and we split it into 6 piles giving us each 5. 

Next, we put them in the blender and turned it on for 45 seconds to 1 minute each, 


Rolling into technology Lachlan blender


Rolling into technology Emma blender


Rolling into technology Nathan blender

then we poured it into our bowls and added 4 tsp of milo. 

Next, we had to add coconut and condensed milk. 


Then we mixed it all together first with a spoon and then with our hands.


Rolling into Technology Emma finger mixing

Emma: it's squishy but tastes yummy


Rolling into Technolgy Maddox finger mixing

Maddox: It smells nice, and taste nice.


Rolling into technology Levi finger mixing

Levi: This is fun i like milo and biscuits so these will be nice.


Zoe: Can I mix with my fingers yet, I can’t wait to use my fingers and mix, it feels cold and very sticky.

Curriculum Links: Numeracy, Finacial Literacy, Technology 

Rolling into technology Nathan counting out cookies