Room 1 Super Scientists

Room 1 has been putting on our science hats and working out how lots of things work.

We first got our engineering brains going, and made balloon rockets to test how things are pushed through the air.


We taped a straw to a balloon, and threaded the straw onto a piece of string. This meant that we could investigate how air, moving quickly, can push the balloon through the air. The more air in the balloon, the faster and further it goes.

View the video here

Charlie loved making his own balloon rockets; I thought it was cool and fun - I got mine to shoot quite far down the string because I attached the balloon to the straw. This helped me find out how far the balloon will go.

We then put our chemistry hats on and made our very own lava lamps! 

Arabella wrote instructions on how to make them, labelling the ingredients she would need and also the other equipment.



We learned how Carbon Dioxide comes out of the fizzy tablet and makes bubbles which then go through the oil in the bottle.



Curriculum Areas

  • Science - Investigating in science

  • Science - Material World

  • Science - Physical World


  • Propulsion, force, atoms, molecules, carbon dioxide, oxygen, chemistry

Room 1 Super Scientists 1794