Room 2 Boat Building


Boat building

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Room 2 students as part of their technology inquiry tested their homemade boats. They made them out of polystyrene, toothpicks and paper. They tested them in a long bucket with Jack S as the wind blower.  He blew hard to make the boats move.


As part of their learning, they completed reflections and plans for their boats.


Sapphire and Madison

Sapphire age 8 and Madison age 7 told us that  “we made a boat out polystyrene. It worked well but next time we will add a paper sail so it catches the wind more and floats faster across the water. it was a really cool experiment”.

Jack age 8 and Cohen age 7 said “ we had to do an reflection about or boats. It helped us to make our boats for next time. It also helped us for a plan so we could remember while we were building. It was a really handy thing to have in class”.


Jack and Cohen