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Room 2 has been exploring the inquiry topic of ‘Our Place Moves Me’. One learning idea around this is that people connect to places in many ways. The end goal of this inquiry is to bring about a social change. One social change that Room 2 worked on was trying to  attract more people to Taupo. 

To do this, students created posters. The first step was to gain a better understanding of Taupo and what it has to offer visitors. Following is a description of Room 2’s poster design process and some student voice around their design choices. 


Our poster is Taupo’s Terrifying Things TTT. We put the pictures sideways to show how the things are moving because they are fast and exciting things - Tiarni and Willow

Students began by brainstorming Taupo activities. Initially ideas were very restricted, with suggestions focusing on places they enjoy going, such as Drop Zone and The Cave.


Callan and Kaylah

To broaden Room 2’s understanding of local attractions, students looked at Taupo activity brochures. 

Then they thought about different ways they could group activities. First, they categorised them based on price ranges such as free, low, medium, and high cost. 

This led to the creation of our brochure research wall. 

From here, other categories began to stand out such as activities that focused on family fun, exciting adventures, and activities that could be done in different seasons, etc. 


Mason and Casey’s Taupo Winter Activities poster

This generated discussions about what groups of people might prefer to do different types of activities: How might visitor groups differ from those that prefer to do relaxing activities versus those attracted to adrenaline fuelled activities?


I want people to do exciting adventures like mine and if they have a lot of money they can do them. It’s mostly for mums, dads and teenagers, not for kids because the activities could be too scary - Aria

The class was given the challenge of creating a digital brochure or poster, targeting a specific type of visitor to Taupo. First, students had to decide who their target audience was, then choose activities to  include in their digital outcome that would appeal to their target audience.


We want to attract any people coming from out of Taupo because our activities are free. Other activities like skydiving cost heaps more money and not everyone has enough money to do them - George and Tegan


Everyone can do our activities because we have a lot of them. We have free things like walks where you can go to places like the Botanical Gardens. If you wanted to do something just for adults, you could do the Heli Adventures. It’s mostly for adults because it would cost a lot of money for the whole family to go -Lilee and Briar

When students compared posters, some next steps identified were making poster headings that stood out more and including catchy phrases to make them more interesting.

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