Room 3’s Tree-ty

In Room 3 we began the year learning all about our school values, POWER. POWER stands for Pride, Opportunity, Whanau and Excellence. 

After reading the book The Treehouse Treaty and learning about the Treaty of Waitangi, we wanted to make our own class treaty. First, we had to decide what kind of class we wanted. We decided we wanted our class to be a safe and happy place where everybody can learn. Together we brainstormed and came up with our rules. Mrs Thompson typed them up and it became a Treaty for us to sign.


We thought it would be great to put our treaty in a tree. We had the perfect spot in our reading corner. Our tree needed to represent all of us and our ‘POWER’, so each of us made a leaf to represent ourselves.   We decided to put our name in the middle of our leaf and we asked Mrs Thompson to teach us how to do bubble or block writing. This turned out to be a real challenge for some of us. Next Mrs Thompson read us a book called monster noises. We discussed the message in the book, which was that we are all different, but together we can make wonderful things happen. Wouldn't it be boring if we were all the same? We all have different strengths, interests and abilities and that’s what makes our class awesome.


We buddied up with somebody who we didn't know very well and we asked them questions to get to know them better. Mrs Thompson got us to use graphic organiser called a Venn Diagram. It has two circles that link in the middle. On each side, we wrote things that make us special.  If it was something that both of us were good at, or both of us were interested in, we wrote it in the middle. We were very surprised at how many things we had in common.


Clare and Te Ahurei venn diagram


Maddox and Emily venn diagram

It was super exciting to learn that people we thought were very different to us actually were very similar in lots of ways. Next, we used the information on the Venn diagram to design our own individual leaves. We drew symbols to represent everything that makes us unique. The symbols represented our favourite foods, where we live now, where we came from, our family, our interests, our hobbies, and things that we are good at.  It was tricky to think of symbols to represent each of these things. Many of us drew flags of other countries that we had links to. Victoria drew the Mexican flag and Te Whetu drew the Canadian Flag, as their parents are from those countries.


Tyler making his leaf


Kora making her leaf


Jack making his leaf


All our leaves

After we had finished designing our leaf, we put them all together to make our tree. We painted paper in various shades of brown and cut that up to make the trunk.


Emily and Ava painting the trunk

The tree represents our class.  It shows our differences, our similarities, and how we all come together to make one fantastic group.  We respect every class member’s uniqueness. You will find our ‘Tree-ty’ attached to the trunk. All of us have signed our name on the treaty to show that we agree to the rules and that we understand what ‘respect’ means in Room 3.  We know that respect for each other is important if we want our class to be a happy, safe place.


Room 3 s Tree ty


Room 3 s tree

We hope to have a fun year in Room 3, with everyone working together, learning lots, achieving goals and showing POWER.

Clare and Te Ahurei venn diagram 10.32.46 AM