Room 8 and our Class Treaty

Room 8 worked hard to create our class Treaty.


First, we looked at the book “The Tree Hut Treaty” around Waitangi Day. It helped us to understand the concept of a Treaty and see that a written formal agreement is a great idea to maintain peace between different parties. Room 8 started to work on the class Treaty to help our class to be a safe, friendly, supportive and a comfortable learning environment.

We used the school values to help us brainstorm ideas for our Treaty. Our school values are respect for self, others and environment. Working in groups, the students listed all their ideas for each one of the school values.


Once we had all our ideas on how we could show our school values, each student wrote one idea on a coloured strip.


Mikayla said: The Treaty means that we will be learning in a safe environment and this will help me to always try my best.

Emily said: The treaty is important to me because I would rather a controlled place

Layne said: To me our class Treaty means peace and I will respect it to make peace.

As a class, we agreed that we needed consequences for not respecting the Treaty. We looked at some consequences and made sure that everyone understood them.

Finally, we all signed the class Treaty. 


In room 8 we will be talking and referring to the Treaty on a daily basis to make sure we can enjoy our learning time in a great environment.

Keywords: Treaty, Waitangi, school values, peace,

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