Science time in Room 5

Experimenting in Room 5 was a lot of fun for all.

First, we all set up our books for a science write up, wrote up the name of the experiment and listed all the equipment that was on the table to be used. The first experiment that we did was all together and was called the 'Candle Vacuum'.


We wrote our predictions of what would happen and shared our ideas with the class.

Mrs Ross lit the candle and Nick carefully placed the glass jar over it. As we watched the candle flame flickered and got smaller then went out and we watched the water rising up in the glass.


We wrote down what we observed and checked it against our predictions. Most of us were correct. We tried the experiment some more times, changing the variables each time.



Smaller candle in a big glass, smaller candle in a small glass. Sitting the glass on a slight lifter in the water. Sitting the glass hard against the bottom of the tray.  It was interesting to see the small changes in results.

After we completed the experiment we found out why the vacuum happens and how the burning of oxygen in the glass and heating of the air affects air pressure and causes the water to draw up into the glass.  Next we drew a labelled picture in our books to go with our experiment write up.



While the pictures were being finished Mrs Ross got the next experiment set up.  This time it was milk with food colouring and some dish detergent. The results were amazing. Most of us had seen this one before and still it is amazing. We were allowed to have a go at some experiments in small groups and try out our ideas.