Seasons Change

During ‘Times are Changing,’ Room 16 discovered that the seasons change during the year.

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The whole class began with adding to a brainstorm about the signs of Autumn.  Mrs Meynell recorded all of the shared ideas.  This formed the bank of words to draw from during story writing. Words included were  Autumn, cold, chilly, foggy and leaves falling off the trees.

The leaf hunt to find autumn trees began.  Students found trees with multi coloured leaves in the gardens and the school gully.   After finding their leaf, each student described in their own words.  The aim was to collect two leaves  to bring back to class to use when writing.

“My leaf is fire engine red.” Hudson
“My leaf is mango coloured.” Duncan
“My leaves are cold and wet.” Jade

As added motivation back in the classroom  students shared their leaves with their buddy.  They talked about their leave and asked  questions of each other.  There was a lively discussion about leaf shapes, colours and  textures.

“What shape is your leaf, Rylan,” asked Duncan.

The students drew a picture plan. This helps students to remember what their story will be about.  By adding details to the pictures allows students to use the words from the word wall in context. This is a vital part of the writing process.

Billy and Duncan have drawn their plan on the whiteboard for their story.
“I like doing my picture plan because I’m thinking about my story,” said Ellie

Mrs Meynell used her modeling book to show how a sentence is constructed.  Students observe how words are formed and where to put a full stop and capital letter.

Alphabet cards help identify letter and sounds and use the correct letter for the beginning of words. Using a shared experience like a modeling books is a way of motivating students to write.

“I liked going for a walk to see the trees. I can read my story to myself and to my buddy.” Duncan
“My teacher helped me with my sentences. I can use my letter sounds. I like putting the full stop or exclamation mark on the end.” Ellie
“I can use my ideas to write my story. I have to remember to use my finger spaces.” Rylan

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