Settling into a new school year

Seven quick tips to help your child make the most of their new class and feel happy and positive about going to Wairakei Primary School. 


Friendships help learning

  • Establish a positive relationship with your child’s teacher. This might start with a quick "hi" in the mornings or afternoons. It is good for your child to see you communicating with their teacher. Talk about their teacher positively and respectfully at home. If you do have any concerns, please make an appointment to see them. 


Mr Kidd in Rm 11

  • Take the time to ask your child to show you around their classroom and look at the work they have been doing. This shows them you are interested and value their learning. 


Sharing space in Room 14


Before school fun in Room 5

  • Encourage independence in your child as this makes them feel capable. Have high expectations. Make sure they carry their own bag into school and unpack it themselves. Expect them to collect all their belongings each day. Praise them for being ready and organised at the end of the day. 


Donovan unpacking his bag


Van learning independence

  • Establish simple, consistent routines in the morning so the day starts as calmly and positively as possible. If this is proving difficult you might like to try using a visual timetable of tasks for them to follow.  

  • Establish a good bedtime routine as soon as you can as this has often lapsed over the holiday break. Having enough sleep will make a huge difference to how you and their day starts and how their day at school goes. 


A rested brain is a focused brain


Concentration is key

  • Have a relaxed sharing time at dinner; for example, "what is the worst, best and  weirdest part of your day?" "Did you learn any new words today?" "What was your favourite thing in your lunch box?" This is a fun, less intense way to find out about their day and will hopefully build on from the ‘good’ or ‘okay’ answers you might otherwise get. 

  • When you are discussing school, use deliberate positive language like resilience, challenges, being brave, setting goals, learning opportunities, effort and attitude. Children need to know they have the power to make a difference. 


Unique is what we celebrate


Acknowledge your strengths

Don’t compare your child with others. Every child adjusts to changes differently. 

Remember your child will look to you as to how they should be feeling. Show them that you value school, and you are interested and excited about their education. 

Keywords:  change, relationships, communication, independence, routines, sharing, language

Curriculum links:  Health - Personal Growth and Development

Mrs Graham Room 8