Sparking a joy of writing - and one student’s ideas.

What do you enjoy or find exciting and interesting? How can we link these ideas to our writing? These are ideas that we love to find from our students, to help encourage creativity in writing. This is particularly important for our reluctant writers.

Personally, I have a love of fantasy books and writing narratives. As a result, in our class we often use vocabulary that is expressive and imaginative. I read novels in class that share amazing vocabulary and ideas. Often, the students and I have great conversations about all manner of ideas and an incredible range of vocabulary is shared.

With the fantastic examples of fantasy drawings and artistic imagination, that are available on the internet, we can tap into our students’ imagination and the joy that can be found in the world of fantasy and magic.

One of the writing tasks was using one of these amazing pictures to encourage our writing.

One Room 2 student, Adam, was particularly inspired and having not been an overly enthusiastic writer, this was a great reason to celebrate.

I interviewed him about his writing.

T - What inspired you to write this story?

A - I found it really interesting and the picture helped to give me ideas.

T - How did the picture help?

A - I saw that the dragon in the picture had blue around it, so I thought blue fire would be interesting. It’s very nice, I like it.


The picture we used is a free downloadable wallpaper.

T - Do you like reading fantasy stories?

A - I do like to read fantasy books.

T - Did you enjoy writing using google docs?

A - Yes, I enjoy writing on docs because it is easy. The writing is neat, and mine is not. It is easy to edit and add to. Plus it’s easy to share with people. A couple of times I thought I was finished, but it turns out I wasn’t. I was able to go back and add ideas to it and make changes.

T - I see you have added more.

A - Yes, now I have added a second chapter. I feel pretty happy about adding another chapter. I had way more ideas, so thought it would be a shame to stop, so I wrote more.

T - It’s a pretty funny story?

A - I like making it funny. It shows more about me and that I am confident talking to others. It’s good to be funny for an audience to read.

T - What do you plan to do now in your writing?

A - I think I’ll keep adding to the second part. I keep getting more ideas, so I’ll keep going. I want to get some illustrations done too. I have printed off a paper copy of what I have done so far. It’s cool.


Seeing the enthusiasm coming from the children’s writing and knowing that they are keen and want to write, is encouraging as a teacher. I love to see the ideas flowing. The sense of voice and personalities of the writers often comes through in the writing and is wonderful to see.

Enjoy Adam’s story

Inferno’s blade


I was just looking at the neighbouring castle as the sun set over the west. A dragon flew over the castle and breathed blue fire and lay on the castle. I ran to my house and worryingly, I slept. I woke up early and quietly I grabbed some tidy clothes and got dressed fast enough, so that I could get to a guard post before the guard on patrol at that post. I hurried past the donut shop, but I quickly ran back and since I had 50 bucks on me, I bought a coffee and a donut.  Now I was back on my track to a guard post. I ran through corridor after corridor, I ran out of donut half way, then at the end of the last corridor I ran out of coffee. I told the King the story. He sent 300 mini gunners and he asked me to get a donut and cappuccino. I said “Okay” and hurried to the donut shop. I bought a raspberry donut and a cappuccino.


Keywords: English, Writing, Fiction, Text Features 2020

Curriculum links: English - Purposes and audiences - Show some understanding of how to shape texts for different purposes and audiences. Expects the texts they create to be understood, responded to, and appreciated by others