STEMing forward in Room 9

We have started with some amazing challenges to push our understandings on what goals are and how our mindset affects the outcomes.

We've been looking at not only what a goal or mission is but also what we need to know and do in order to achieve goals. We came across many challenges ranging from working with others in a team to solving problems that arise while trying new things. We participated in a STEM challenge with the task to make something that moves that will seat our lego man. We were given candy, different length sticks.

Levi- maybe these would make good wheels as they are round and skinny

Amelia- I like your idea Levi using them  as wheels lets try it

Emma- They look good maybe we could connect them with these and make the hole bigger so it moves freely


Levi, Emma and Amelia planning

Lachlan- We could make a truck and place the lego man inside it, any ideas?

Maddox- That would be cool let's make a bottom and build up


Lachlan and Maddox planning.

Anna- maybe we could make a cart

Eric- we could make the cart with a roof

Maxwell- we could make 4 wheels and connect them using lollies so the move


Anna, Eric, Maxwell, Haylen planning.

Micah-  cars, trucks, carts, bikes, wheelbarrows all have wheels and move and all have seats

Nathan- Lets make the wheels and try out some of these ideas

Hope- We can make a square and put it on wheels


Micah, Nathan, Hope and Kayde planning

Tessa: lets make a part each

Ari- could you show me what parts we might need.  I think i have an idea for the wheels

Kayde- i can make the body


Tessa, Ari and Kayde planning

We had to try and take all our team's idea’s and make a plan before we started, this was a massive challenge for some of us but we were able to use the statements we have been practising such as I like that idea can you give us more information. Have you thought about...?. Could you show me what it might look like? We found this helpful in the planning stages of our mission.

We tried many different techniques and strategies to construct our moving object, we encountered problems such as lollies breaking, wheels not moving, the bell going, and even the whole structure toppling over. Just like great scientists, we did not give up and we tried new things or improved our design by listening to our team members and ideas and in the end, we all made objects that moved. It goes to show making mistakes are proof you are trying, without mistakes you can’t learn.

Watch our video here

Stemming ahead micah nathan hope kayde planning