Stretch a Sentence

As a part of our structured literacy program Room 1 has been learning about “stretching sentences”.

A video called “Stretchy Sentences” on Youtube showed all the parts of sentences we needed to use to stretch our sentences and make them more interesting.

In groups, the students discussed what they thought they needed to do to stretch sentences and came up with 

  • Who?

  • Did what?

  • When?

  • Where?

  • Why?

They discussed how to shift the order of these ideas to change the sentence.

Looking at a picture to give us ideas for the sentence that we wrote together.



Using the words from the group, we wrote ideas next to each question word.


With the ideas jotted down, we sorted them into the stretched sentence. We tried two different sentences and played with the order.


Pictures were used as a motivator. By having two pictures to choose from everybody planned by ourselves. Some choose the kitten picture and some choose a picture of a dog jumping a fence with a ball in it’s mouth. 

Once the plans were completed we wrote our final stretched sentence. Here are some of our plans and drafted sentences. 




Overall, we think we did well with packing lots of information into our sentences and helping to create a picture of what is happening, in the mind of our readers. This was our first time having a go at this activity.

Curriculum Links

English: Speaking Writing


Sentences. Planning. Writing process. Writing structure.