Student Enviro Term 1 2021

Sharing the load and enabling more students to engage in learning relating to environmental practices has been one of our goals. The following activities all support the inclusive inquiry learning happening throughout all our classrooms.

  • As part of our school’s advancement, we are now a member of Kids Greening Taupo. A group of student Rangers work withKylie Parkes  (Teacher)  and Rachel Thompson (KGT).

  • We continue our involvement with the Kiwi Forever Programme with children working with Jenna Foley (Deputy Principal) and our local kiwi hatchery at Wairakei Golf Course and Sanctuary.



  • Currently our student group has over 50 members who meet every Thursday afternoon and participate in a variety of activities.

I like planting plants. I do not like people killing our plants. Zoe H,. R8 and Chelsea R7

Our Enviro Garden Unit has produced some stunning produce during this term.

On many occasions the ‘fruits’ of our labour have been devoured by the students hence limiting the quantities getting out the gate.

We’ve had good crops of tomatoes, strawberries, silverbeet, lettuce, baby carrots, lemons, apples, grapes and peas. We even scored a couple of peaches.




Students have replanted the garden beds with winter vegetables.

New lettuce plants have been planted in the hydroponics.




Students have assembled a new Green House which we are using to grow seedlings. This was kindly donated by Tina and Blair (school parents).



We sorted the poles and the corner brackets into sizes. We followed the instructions and assembled the frame. Then we put the shelves in. Then we hung the clear cover sheet over the frame. Now we have a new place to put plants. By Ashe B. R8

Our student group appreciates the parent help we receive from Michelle who gives freely of her time and skills.

Enviro Timeline - we are creating a mural on the walls of the Enviro Garden building which tells the story of our journey. IIt will show the projects we have undertaken,the year, sponsors and people who have supported our ventures.

We originally made a paper map however a rat took a liking to it and ate large sections of it.




Students have been busy updating our three (3) year planning document and sharing ideas for future projects. They are also rewording our Enviro Group Statement so it is appropriate for our goals.



Monarch Caterpillars

Our swan plant has been stripped bare of it’s foliage from the large number of caterpillars making their home on it. We took about 15 caterpillars off the plant and rehomed them onto healthy plants which our new entrant class has.




01Apples Jan 2021