Super star role models

Aratiatia had the privilege of having the Under 20 Otago Highlanders Rugby team visit and spend two hours with us.

The session began with a short talk about their experiences as rugby players, before moving into smaller groups where they taught us new rugby drills such as passing, catching, side stepping, and the importance of teamwork. They spent time sharing their struggles in school within their smaller groups, and ways they overcame these struggles to get to where they are today.

The Under 20 Otago Highlanders were amazing at showing and sharing with us the importance of following your dreams, supporting each other and finding something that you enjoy and are passionate about to pursue. 

One of the messages they gave us was to  “Always follow your dreams. It takes hard work, determination, passion and a great group of supportive friends”





Alick: They were all so big and fast

After the beginning talk we were split into four different groups with 6-7 Highlanders per group. We all had a great time with our group of players. They began our drills with animal warm ups. It was interesting to watch these adults and students all getting into animal poses and stretches with animal noises included.

Isla and Taylor S: they taught us how to do different stretches by relating them to animals.

Toby: They made animal noises with us as we did the stretches.

Grayson: They were funny, they joked around and were real people.

Lucy: the games each group played with their highlander group was so different depending on what games they liked.  All the games taught us different skills. 




The different groups all played a variety of games including stuck in the mud, midnight, cat and mouse, and octopus tag. It was a rewarding experience to be able to build skills and get to know these players. 





Sofie and Lizzie: It was an amazing experience to have them play touch with us. 

Tom: I had so much fun playing touch against them.

Haylen: The games they played are games we play and it was fun playing with adults.

Bailey: This was the best thing ever, I want to go watch them play rugby tomorrow.










This experience was a perfect foundation for our inquiry this term -  ‘In your own words’ where we will share our experiences with our people and our heroes. 

Keywords: Rugby, U20’s Highlanders, Role model’s, social science, Physical Education

Real day Role model s group photo 2