Parlez-vous français?

One of the main benefits of learning a second language at an early age is that children learn languages faster and easier. Read more about 'Parlez-vous français?'...

French book Room 8 20201

Creative recycled art

These are the questions Te Mihi students who chose to work in Room 8 for Art in the Park asked as we went on our journey of getting creative through art. Read more about 'Creative recycled art'...

Elliot Max Darrius Arion David the fabulous deer head 20208

Supporting your children’s class placement in 2021

We all want children to feel excited about going to school and maybe don’t realise what an influence we, as parents, have on that. Read more about 'Supporting your children’s class placement in 2021'...

Happy to be at school.

Swim like a dolphin

To begin with, our qualified swimming instructors assessed what we could do in the water already. We learnt these skills through a variety of fun water games and activities. Read more about 'Swim like a dolphin'...


Zooming into VLN

For 30 minutes a week, these students connect via Zoom, joining similar-aged students from around New Zealand. Read more about 'Zooming into VLN'...

2020 VLN 01

Colour Monsters

This in turn leads to developing empathy and social skills. Emotions can be linked to physical sensations. Read more about 'Colour Monsters'... pe.r11.06